Sunday, May 20, 2012

Circles . . . A Very Long Post

As I reflect on the past month or so, I keep hearing Elton John singing in my head.   We love Elton in this family, and many of his tunes are favorites.   Most of his songs are rather poetic, and the song I’m stuck on lately is from “The Lion King.”  In “The Circle of Life” Rafiki reminds us that “It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love.”   Circles are very symbolic.  They are round, full, all-encompassing, inclusive, bright, glorious, joyful, never-ending, and eternal.    They remind me of balloons, lollipops, sunshine, luscious fruit, and twinkling eyes.  The following events are reflective of circles in many ways . . . certainly the circle of life. 

The first week of May we headed to Utah again.  Yes, it was only 3 weeks previous that we were there for conference, but we were only too happy to return.  On May 4th I attended a darling baby shower for Brittney.  It was hosted by Camille and Laura Giddens, Brittney’s dear friend from freshman year at BYU.  It was called “The Itty Bitty Baby Shower.”  Amazing.  The food was divine—small bites (itty bitty!) of the most wonderful food displayed with style and panache’.  Brittney was given some wonderful baby gifts and it is always just so much fun to visit and eat.  It was great to see ’old’ friends, her young friends and in-laws, and our extended family support her.  She looks fabulous with a pregnant tummy and a rosy glow.  We are so excited to welcome Baby Grayson in mid-July.  I made crib bumpers, skirt and a pillow for the nursery, and a “Sunday Bag”, blanket and burp cloths.  This Grandma’s been busy sewing--it’s been fun!

Me, Brittney and Camille.  It was held at Camille' home in Lehi.
Look at the "itty bitty" food. . . Tomato basil soup and grilled cheese, mac and cheese, salad, homemade donuts, tiny cheesecakes, fruit tarts, meatballs, and even tiny cans of diet coke. . . divine!
My dear friend Evy Smyth.  We've known the Smyth's since 1988 when we moved to Cottonwood Heights in SLC.  Our girls are best friends from childhood, and it was so great to see her.

Great friends/family of Brittney's--Cory Maxfield (MIL), Caitlin Connolly (SIL), Melissa, Audrey,
and Laura (the other party hostess).
On May 2nd, my Dad had his 80th birthday!  For several months we all have been planning a special celebration for him.  He was just so darn cute about it—half of the time he claimed it was unnecessary and the other half of the time he wondered if he had forgotten to invite somebody.  Having lived in Richfield, Utah his whole life, he knows just about everyone, and I was a bit worried he had invited the whole town.   We had a luncheon at his ward building on Saturday, May 5th.   There were close to 100 people there, and many traveled from out of town to come.     It was a fun afternoon.  He has so many nice friends and it was an opportunity for us to also thank them for all the love and care they give to Mom and Dad since none of us live in town.  We are lucky that they have neighbors who look in on them.  Eighty years is a long time!  I am so grateful for the example that my Dad has been to me.  It is an honor to be a daughter of James K. Forsey.

The sign-in table.  Just look at those pictures of Dad.  He was a cute kid, and a handsome young man. 
Oh, and he's still handsome!

That's Mom and my niece Megan McWhorter and her baby Lincoln.  Since her stroke, Mom struggles with smiling.  Sometimes our darn bodies just won't do what we want!

Everyone enjoying lunch.  Traci made that fabulous sign.

Jace with my brother Craig.  Always good to see him. . . he lives in Tennessee.

A full view of the display table.  Traci put this together. . . it was wonderful.

So, I can't forget to add a note about good ol' Klar Robinson.  Klar is my Dad's very best friend--they have been friends their whole lives--like 75 years.  Dad is the only boy in his family, so Klar is really a brother.  Needless to say, almost every story we have ever heard includes Klar.  They have some great stories from their single/college years and all those "fillies" that they broke their hearts.  We asked Klar to "roast" Dad.  Let's just say it was the best entertainment of the afternoon!  Those two are hilarious.  The name of the game was getting the last word in.  Several other of my Dad's friends also joined in. 
Not many of us will have a friend that has literally been by our side for 75 years.  Quite special. 
This picture shows a special item of memorabilia.  The center picture is of Dad as a college student at  BYU.  He was whitewashing the Y.  This picture has been in the BYU Alumni Magazine and in the BYU Alumni House. 
Dad is a very loyal BYU Cougar fan.

My beautiful family! 

I think we were cracking up because Jace decided to give Baby Grayson a shout out!

All the family that was able to come.  This was after we had cleaned everything up, so Mom had gone home--it was
 a long day for her.

Dad with his sisters and their husbands:  Dad, Phyllis Horne, Marcille and Bill Topham, and Anna and Mark Snedegar.

Just love this picture of the happy parents-to-be!

This is Dad and us 5 children:  Jerry, Me, Dad, Allyson, Mark and Craig.
I purposely waited to end this post with a tribute to my dear friend, Sheri Bird.  You must all know that Sheri fought brain cancer so ferociously for almost 20 months.  On April 29th she peacefully passed from this life.  Sharing someone’s last days is a humbling and spiritual experience.   It’s been a privilege to help the Bird family as much as one can, and we have unofficially adopted them all (as others no doubt have).  The blogging/Facebook world was abuzz with Sheri tributes for days.  I guess I just needed time to process and settle with the reality.  When Lisa (my sister-in-law) lost her battle with the same illness last August, I was forced to realize that medical miracles and glioblastoma are extremely rare.   The truth is that in the gospel we learn and talk of “the plan” all the time.   Frankly, these experiences are actually living the plan.  We were never promised a life free of trials, and we know that death will come to us all.  In fact, I’ve been given a refrigerator magnet that was Sheri’s that says “This life must be a test.  If it were the real thing, we’d be given better instructions! (haha – so much like her!)   Sheri has been such an example to me of charity, choosing happiness, hard work, laughter, and enduring well.  She didn’t give up when Keith passed.  She didn’t give up when this illness struck—unfortunately her body did.   The miracle of healing was replaced with the miracle of influence, legacy, love, service and example.   Just like Lisa, Sheri will never be forgotten.   Her life was a testament of all the things we should strive to be.  I will remember her when I see pink roses or eat a raspberry tart.  I’m honored to be her friend.  We will all miss her so much. 

Beautiful elegant white casket and pink roses.  That is Sheri.

The family at the cemetery with Lindsay Bird Nielson.  We love her family.

A quilt us sisters in Relief Society made for Sheri when she first got ill.  I made two of the patches.

Jace and his new friend, Kylee Keas.  Kylee is the daughter of Barbara, who took care of Sheri so well while she was in Idaho with Lindsay.  Kylee loved Jace.   It was true infatuation!

Lindsay, France and Samuel Nielson.  The pink dresses and ties were at Sheri's request. 
She even asked Brent to wear a pink tie at her service, which he did as he was one of the speakers. 

The Bird family headstone.  Like Lindsay said, "At least that's done--I don't have to pick one out for Mom."

We were on a walk on the Centennial Trail and this photo was taken in a little  cave. 
Sheri had a smile that could light up a room.
 And, no surprise, she was even wearing pink. 

So I’ve come back to circles.

A new mother-to-be who has waited over 3 years for this miracle of birth.
 She now has a round tummy about to burst with a bouncing baby boy .
A seasoned 80-year old man at a joyous celebration of a long, well-lived life.  
He is honored by hundreds of friends and family who have enjoyed his circle of
influence over the years.
A vivacious young grandmother in her early 50’s is laid to rest way too soon.
She has been called to another realm to no doubt continue to teach and serve. 
She has completed her earthly circle of life.

“It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love.”

 Yep, Elton that’s what it is all about—faith and love.   Those two things will get us through,
 for in the end, life is still good, and life is still wonderful.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks for the great time in Utah

I just returned to Spokane from 11 days in Utah with the family. It was so good to see everyone again and just hang out. Thanks guys for making time for me in your busy schedule. I enjoyed seeing you all manage your lives so well. As Dad and I make this transistion into being "Empty Nesters" (BTW, I HATE that word--I think it is soooooo lame!) it is fun to be around you all as you carry on. I will admit, however, that I'm glad to be in my own house right now! Give me a few weeks and I will be ready to visit again. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.

So, to Jace, keep studying, clean your room occasionally, get some sleep, and don't break too many hearts on your "Friday Night Dating Marathon." Thanks for letting me go to your Mission Prep Class. In only a few short months you will be an awesome full time missionary!

To Camille, enjoy your last semester, work on your "things to do in Utah before I leave" list, study if you must (after all, as you said, you do already have a job!), and be kind to all those guys you know. Go with the flow. . . Mr. Perfect is out there waiting for you!

To Brittney and Stuart, the house looks great! Thanks for letting me help a big with your bedroom. It has come a long way already. Good luck to Stuart as today is "day 8" of the "cleanse!" I'm praying for you! You guys have incredible will power! I missed not seeing the band play--maybe next time. You guys are doing an incredible job with everything!

I miss you all already. . . this house is very quiet sometimes!

Love you,

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking forward to conference

I can't wait for this weekend because Mom and Dad are coming and that is always such a great treat. I'm also really really looking forward to General Conference.

Amidst the financial and political turmoil going on in our country right now, I just keep waiting for someone to come down and tell us what to do and how to proceed. I know that the prophet and general authorities aren't going to spell it out for us, but how lucky we are to have men who we trust and have faith in, in these uncertain times, to share with us truth and understanding. I can't hardly believe one thing that comes out of the mouths of any politician, senator, or congressman at this time. They only find enough breath to blame everyone but themselves, argue, or mislead. It's very confusing and disheartening.

I am very grateful to belong to a church where we have men of God who deliver the word of God to those who are willing to listen. Now, more than ever before, am I ready to listen and finally hear something of comfort that makes sense.

I just can't wait...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this blog stinks...

seriously people...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vote for GMM

Hey guy - vote for the band here. You can do it once a day...don't be shy.


Monday, July 28, 2008

And finally some pictures

I finally got around to taking and posting pictures of our crazy summer. Enjoy - mostly because you'll be glad you weren't there...

Bedroom #1...
Living room...not conducive to actually livingCloset #1...

Closet #2...
And Finally - our new bathroom...
And my tile work...I did it myself


Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

Just a quick note to let you all know that I really appreciate your kind birthday wishes. Even though getting older in years is not that much fun, it is necessary if we are still a part of this life! I still feel like a young mother in many ways, but at other times as I watch and reflect upon the accomplishments of my kids, I realize that I have indeed "grown up."

I so enjoyed seeing Brittney, Stuart and Camille last weekend in SLC. Yes, Brittney, I do admit that your place was a bit dusty, but I'm so proud of you guys for the work you have done and especially for your patience. I know I'm a bit anal about order and cleanliness, and I think Brittney has reluctantly inherited that trait. I totally understand your eagerness and excitement to clean!!! Really, guys, the world needs people like us! I'm glad you can take a break and enjoy a weekend with the band. I wish we could meet you in McCall, but with Dad being gone so much, and getting ready for his High Adventure week with Jace and the Priests, time has run out. . . again. Hopefully when he returns we can finish the kitchen and I can post pictures of it.

We miss you Camille, but I love hearing about your adventures in San Fran. I'm glad your summer is full of adventure. I'm sad that it is already the end of July. . . this is my favorite time of year.

Jace has been working a lot this week--getting in extra hours since he is taking next week off. I bought him some twin x-long sheets today for his bed at Helaman Halls! Oh boy, will that be a fun day when I drive away from Provo with all of you waving in the rear view mirror! Really, though, it is all VERY GOOD. Dad and I couldn't be more proud (in a good way, not a bad way!!)

Again, thanks for the birthday gifts, wishes and love. It is always nice to be remembered. . .

Love, Mom